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What Do Concreters Do?

A concreter’s job is to pour, place, spread, compress, finish, and cure concrete for buildings and other structures – like floors, stairs, ramps, footpaths, bridges) – by using hand tools and automated machinery.

A concreter may perform the following duties and tasks:

  • Mix cement, gravel sand and water to make concrete on the site.
  • Move concrete into position using a concrete pump.
  • Place concrete into the form work - which are usually temporary wood or steel moulds - making sure that it is spread and leveled equally, then compacted using vibrators.
  • Operate machines, trowel and polish the concrete surface.
  • Create different surface textures by tamping, shaping and smoothing the concrete exterior with a variety of hand tools.
  • Cut joint into hardened concrete.
  • Mix and apply pigments when a colored surface is required.
  • Dig groundwork trenches in working in residential or small commercial projects.

Specializations of concreters:

  • They can specialize as concrete finishers or concrete slab layers.
  • Some concreters are focused on working on high-rise buildings
  • And some concreters concentrate more on working on smaller residential and commercial buildings.

There are lots of different specialties of concreting, but usually you’ll find that most concreting business are either very specialized or offer full service concreting.

A concreter often works as part of the building team, given that a concrete is regularly a prime element of new home builds and extensions.

Work conditions for concreters:

For this kind of job, concrete is mixed at a pre-mix concrete supplier's factory and delivered to the site in a pre-mix concrete truck.

A concreter usually works outside on construction sites which may be covered in dust and with all the men and machineries at work, it is normally noisy. And most of the time, a concreter’s time is mostly spent on standing or kneeling and they may also have to work at heights or underground in tunnels. Usually, a concreter travels from job to job and normally begins work very early in the morning to be able to perform all the required tasks for the day.

Personal Requirements:

A concreter’s job is obviously a dangerous job as it involves working in an unhealthy environment. So a concreter’s job doesn’t only involve concrete, they have another job, that is to take care of themselves and follow safety measures. A concreter must always be in good shape before going to work; they must be physically fit at all times; they should be able to lift heavy objects; and basically, enjoy what they do – practical and outdoor work.

Working with a team:

Like what has been stated above, concreters don’t only deal with concrete, they have to deal with the other workers, which is the team they belong to. They have to be patient and respectful with one another to keep a good relationship and to build unity within the team. When you want to be a concreter, one must accept the fact that this comes hand in hand with a team of workers. This team will be the one to help you and teach you with building.